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For several years I did an online fiction writing support group/class in There.com and afterwards in Twinity. I enjoyed the meetings because we had avatars and could either text chat or voice chat.

But due to lots of Real Lifeβ„’ interruptions, that was put on hold.

I am now starting the group again – but with a difference. No avatars, alas, but text and voice chat is available as I will be using Discord. It is a free download or you can use it in a browser. The nice thing is, even if we’re not officially meeting, you can leave a text message that the rest of us can view at any time.

If you are interested, please contact me through my website or on Facebook, and I will give you the Discord information for my server.

See you there!


My Own Wonder Woman – Tam of Sword’s Edge

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I’m not one to push my books very often, but I cannot resist. Tam, the heroine of Sword’s Edge is a wonder woman; she’s a tough fighter and a stubborn little cuss to boot!

If you like that sort of story, considering reading more about Tam. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


The novel is available in a variety of e-book formats and in print.






Ocean City Comic Con!!!

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w00t!Β  Guess who’s going to the Ocean City Comic Con on Saturday, 9 December?

Oh, yeah, baby!


WIPs – Progress, Slowly but Surely

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I am actively working on three books at the moment. The third book in each of my two series, Deuces Wild and Sword’s Edge Chronicles, and also Unlikely Prophet, the prequel to Sword’s Edge, which takes place approximately one thousand years prior.

To peek at progress, you may visit my WIP page.


Imagine Dragons – a great post about writing descriptions

Posted in Writing with tags on May 17, 2017 by Loriendil

Fantastic post! If you want some great advice about writing descriptions, you need to read this:

Imagine Dragons


The Writing Gold Rush – Tara Sparling

Posted in Writing on May 9, 2017 by Loriendil

Yes, I’ve known about this, and warned some folks who asked my opinion, but I agree with Tara Sparling, even if someone else says it better, the info still needs to get out there.

So here’s her article:

There’s An Indie Publishing Gold Rush, And Guess Who’s Making A Killing?




Happy Easter! He Lives! Aaaand – I’m Rewriting!

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On this beautiful Easter Sunday, I am blessed with the knowledge that Y’shua lives, and with a gorgeous, sunny day, windows open, birds singing, a gentle breeze wafting through.

I’m also doing a rewrite of what I had thought was a final draft of Children of the Enaisi because a friend mentioned something in her read-through that made me realize I had forgotten to tie up a plot thread from Sword’s Edge. Part of me wants to pull my hair out, part of me is happy because I am writing.