New Reviews! *happy dance*

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writers are needy people; we crave feedback.

So imagine how happy I was at finding new reviews for the Sword’s Edge Chronicles.

This one specifically is for Sword’s Edge:

I’m not typically a sci-fi reader. Hey, I had trouble with Narnia the first time around. That said, I really enjoyed following Tam as she is lambasted with discovery after discovery about herself. I had trouble putting it down. I wanted to know the secrets surrounding the other characters in relation to her. In fact, there was so much “biography” and “history” to be uncovered in her story, that I found I could follow it easily. I’m eager to read the other books in the series.

And this one is for the whole series (wheee!):

I’ve just finished reading (a few days ago) all three of the Sword’s Edge novels (including the prequel). Bought and downloaded to my Kindle. I thoroughly enjoyed them β€” they completely blew me away! I’m absolutely amazed at what Loriendill’s written β€” characterization, creation of an entirely new universe, etc. I want more! Please tell me more is coming!

To both reviewers: thank you so much! I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed my stories. And yes, more books are coming. The next one should be out by fall.



Resuming Gardening, Slowly but Surely

I had to give up gardening and really, almost all outside work, because of my disabilities. But with the improvement in my health, I’m starting, in a small way, to get back to one of my loves.

Here you see my a raised bed with two vegetables in it, and in the background, you just might glimpse some of the incidental flowers as well as survivors from when I had an herb garden (chives, comfrey, lemon balm, chocolate mint).




I also used an old, useless wheelbarrow to try growing a small herb garden. In first photo, you see last year’s thyme, which survived the winter, and the basil which reseeded itself.
The parsley I just planted and petunias as well, because I have some extra and thought they’d be a nice touch.



In the second photo, you can see how they’re thriving a few weeks later.



I think it’s easy to see where my one character Tam (in Sword’s Edge and Children of the Enaisi) gets her love of gardening.


Happy Summer Solstice!

I know it’s not a big holiday on this planet, but Happy Summer Solstice anyway!

On my planet it is a big deal. The very first summer solstice celebration takes place in Unlikely Prophet, although over the centuries it gains more traditions and becomes a very important part of their culture. However, the most important holiday on my planet is the Final Crossing Celebration.

If you wish to learn more about why my planet celebrates summer solstice or about the History of the Crossing, check out Unlikely Prophet. It’s available in many different ebook formats, and in print.

And again, Happy Summer Solstice!



A :headdesk: moment, but a hurrah as well!

TFW you finish the dialogue of the final scene of a novel, and know it’s great, then realize you forgot an important plot point and must rewrite the whole bloody thing! *bangs head on desk*

On the upside for anyone interested, when I get done fixing this last scene, then the rough draft of the third book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles, Laws and Prophecies, will be complete!

Now for beta readers!


Cassandra Dee and Mosaic Book Stuffing by David Gaughran – repost

Another repost. Yes, very unoriginal, but it’s info I think we Indies especially need to be aware of:

The Amazon charts continue to be plagued by book stuffing, ten days into the new regime. Book stuffers are continuing largely as normal, only making minor tweaks. One popular approach is what I call “mosaic book stuffing.”

Cassandra Dee and Mosaic Book Stuffing

And so it goes.


Why Thirteen Years for Unlikely Prophet?

I have mentioned more than once that my newest book, Unlikely Prophet, took over thirteen years to write. (That’s based on the oldest snips of story I can find on my hard drive.)

I have had several people as me, “What took so long?”

Part of it was research. Although it doesn’t show in the book (I hope, if I’ve done my job well), I had to do quite a bit of research on all different topics, and even having My Very Own Physicistβ„’ to help in some areas, I still had a myriad of others to worry about and talked to so many different people to get details right.

Also, I was working on the main books of the series, and wanted them out (or at least some of them; I managed two before caving) before publishing the prequel.

Then – my husband got sick. Through three and a half years of caregiving, and then his death, it was harder to write although I slogged on. But this book was more difficult than the others (for reasons you’ll know if you read it). I finally felt I could concentrate on it and finished it this last year. I’m very proud of it, and have dedicated it to the memory of my husband, Stephen King.