Cecil Con Was Fantastic!

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I saw some old friends, made some new ones, had a great time on the writing panel with Greg Cox, geeked out with lots of My People, and yeah, sold a few books.  🙂

Check out my Cecil Con 2017 photo album on Facebook for some cool cosplay!


Cecil Con 2017 – Tomorrow Is the Day!

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I will be at Cecil Con at Cecil College in North East Maryland tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

And at 11 a.m., I will also be doing a panel on Writing to Get Published – What an Editor Wants in Room A of the Tech Center.

For directions or any other information, check out their website: http://www.cecil-con.com/

I hope to see you there!


And thus tumbles pride – in the first scene #amediting #amlaughing

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So after a good night’s sleep, and reading some of another author’s work (because that’s how we rest and refill and reset our minds and muse – and it’s C. J. Cherryh, in case you were wondering), I returned to Children of the Enaisi to edit.

And I found a continuity error in the very first scene. A short scene of a mere 323 words. I’d fall out of my chair laughing, but that would hurt this old woman, so I’ll just sit here and chuckle while fixing the silly mess.


Children of the Enaisi – FINISHED!! #amediting

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139k words. Now to start editing.



Yep, I’m Killing My Darlings

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Kill your darlings.”

I’m having to do it. I realized a subplot was taking over and messing things up, so I’m taking it out. Lots of fantastic scenes with good lines and some great background I wanted to add in are now gone.

It hurts, but I know the book will be better without it.

So it goes.


A Bad Judge of Book Length, part three

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So, I’m still working on Children of the Enaisi. I’ve had to up the estimate of total word count yet again to 130k, which puts it on par with Sword’s Edge. I do have the feeling it will pass that, but honestly, I am not trying to make this book longer than the first one, but things keep happening!



Why I’m Indie

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No, I wasn’t published through one of the Big Boys of publishing. I’m good enough. I won’t say I’m a great writer, but good enough, at least, especially considering some books I’ve read that have been published by the Big Boys. So why didn’t I go through one of them? Because I tried. They can say they want new talent, but what they’re saying is they want the next J.K. Rowling or Stephen King. Unknowns are a big gamble.

And most of the Big Boys won’t accept unsolicited queries or submissions. You must go through an agent. I nearly had an agent twice. I had the contract, but then, each time, they changed their minds. I even nearly had a publisher, but they changed their minds too.

This went on for close to fifteen years. But then two things helped me decide to go indie.

One was when my husband got cancer. It showed me that you just never know (which is part of number two, actually). He wanted to see me publish my books. Sure, I had one published already – Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, but through no fault of the owner, that company had problems and closed. I pulled back the rights and published it myself.

But did I want to do that with “my” book? The one I’d been sitting on and writing and world-building and doing the history for since the mid-80s? I wanted that one to be published by one of the Big Boys. I really did. But I wanted my husband to see Sword’s Edge published, because he loved—no, he adored me, and he wanted to see my dream fulfilled.

Two was related to number one. I’m not young. I’m an experienced writer and editor. I wanted to be able to share my stories before I died, and who knows when that might be? I could get hit by a truck tomorrow. And I remember some lines of a Pink Floyd song:

You run and you run
To catch up with the sun,
But it’s sinking,
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way
But you’re older,
Shorter of breath,
and one day closer to death.

Every year is getting shorter,
Never seem to find the time,
Plans that either come to naught,
Or half a page of scribbled lines.

I.  Did.  Not.  Want.  That.  To.  Be.  Me.

So I went indie. I’m not Rich and Famous™, or on the NYTimes Bestseller list. But my stories are getting out there. People can read them. They like them. I get emails and messages saying they love this character or that one, and whyyyy did that have to happen, and when is the next book coming out?

I don’t think if I had a choice I’d change a thing.